Free WordPress Risk Asessment

Is Your Site at Risk?

Did you know... cyberattacks are happening in 2017 at double the rate that they occurred in 2016? (per Revision/Legal and

And, that your site will likely be the victim of an attack of opportunity?

I'll let Tony Perez of Sucuri tell you more about that:

"Meaning that it is not any one individual that is intentionally trying to hack your website, but rather a coincidence. 

Something about your site was caught by the trailing net as they randomly crawled the web. It could have been something simple, like having a plugin installed, or maybe displaying the version of a platform."

(excerpt from Tony's article Why Websites Get Hacked)

Tony Perez & Brandy Lawson

What?!? Something as mundane as a plugin or WordPress version could ultimately kill your site?

You might be somewhat concerned about your site's risk now. 

Let's cut to the chase.. grab your FREE WordPress site risk assessment ($99 value) until midnight on November 30, 2017

You want this if:

  • You have a WordPress website
  • Your website is part of your livelihood (and you ain't got the time to recreate or fix a hacked site)
  • You want to take action to protect your valuable online asset

This is NOT for you if:

  • Your website isn't built with WordPress (security is still a concern, but this assessment is only for WordPress sites.
  • You've got plenty of time on your hands and having your website killed by hackers would just be an opportunity to start fresh
  • You don't care to insure your valuable stuff