Ignite Your Site

A hands-on workshop to transform your website from "Hot Mess" to "On Fire"  

9am - 3pm 

 Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday, April 17  

Join a select group of business owners for this exclusive, one-of-a-kind, hot-seat event. (there's only 8 spots)

But, it's not you in the hot-seat, it's your website.

Walk away from this workshop with actionable, custom insights and a prioritized implementation plan to ignite the effectiveness of your website. Transforming it from a business expense to an online business asset.

What you get: A hands-on, done-with-you VIP experience where we dig into the details of your website, uncover the changes that will fuel results and give you the steps to implement.

Your $297 registration includes:

  • 40 point Custom Visibility Report ($397 value) - Brandy will personally evaluate your site prior to the event and prepare a custom report.
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Beverages (no one learns anything when they're hungry or under-caffeinated)
  • Printed workbook including your Custom Visibility Report and 30 Day Implementation template handed to you when you walk in the door
  • Hot-seat experience - you'll share your business and marketing goals with the group and Brandy will help your website meet those goals.


Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday, April 17, 2018; 9am - 3pm

Arizona ALFA, 2345 E Thomas Road, Ste 290 Phoenix, AZ 85016 

The insights and expertise that Brandy & FieryFX bring to my website and business have played a pivotal role in me being on track to 4x my business in 2018. - Stacey thestaceyharris.com 

The Stacey Harris

Chances are, you're on a path similar to many other businesses we've worked with...  

You've invested in your site: time, money, probably even some blood, sweat & tears. (who are we kidding... there's definitely been tears) 

You create content.

You post on social media.

You tried different home page designs.

You've hired various experts.

You're trying to do all the right things to get found and get sales.

But you're frustrated because you don't seem to get any real results.

It all seems like an uphill battle. How are other people doing it? What's the secret sauce?

And, when nothing online seems to work, you go back to what you know... networking, events, 1-to-1 sales calls. 

Sure, it's effective. But it also takes. so. much. TIME!!

  • What if your site could start those sales conversations?
  • What if your site could attract more qualified potential clients?
  • What if your site could be a valuable part of your sales team?
  • What if you could spend less time selling because your potential clients were already finding you and selling themselves?
  • What are you waiting for?

I am so glad that I signed up for this event! My website is underperforming in ways that I had no idea about! There are lots of fixes that I can make that will really help my website become the lead generator and call converter that I need it to be! - Karianne kariannemunstedt.com 


The outcome of attending this event is: 30-Day Increased Impact Visibility Tactical Implementation Plan

But, what are we actually going to do? 

I will walk you through each critical aspect of your website and identify exactly what needs to change. And, we'll be doing this using live websites of the attendees in the room. 

This isn't theory and ideal scenarios, this is real-life, actually how to apply the info to get results.

  • User experience 
  • Conversion 
  • SEO/Visibility 
  • Performance/Security 
  • Create your 30 day Increased Impact Visibility plan, specifically for your business and your website 

This event is a must-attend for you if...

  • You have a WordPress website
  • You're out of time, but haven't hit your income and profit goals
  • You've invested in your website, but don't know what it is doing for you or aren't getting results from it
  • You're tired of ideas and need some actual action and tangible outcomes

This event is not for you if...  

  • You don't have specifically defined offerings or services  
  • You haven't or aren't ready to invest in your website
  • You lack a clearly defined sales process
  • You want more information, but aren't sure what you'd do with that information

Hi, I'm Brandy - Your Chief Online Officer

It's my mission to help business owners like you use, and not abuse, technology and the power of your online presence.  

Since 2012 I've been helping businesses not only look better online, but actually make the right digital decisions and use the best-fit digital marketing for their unique offerings. You see, I'm really a Chief Online Officer for hire.  

I'm offering this unique event, because so many business websites could be MUCH more visible with a the right changes and corrections. That's why I'm passionate about working with women like you - the world needs you, and you need to show up on Google for the world to find you.  

xo, Brandy